make sure that your money is valid

when i leave a country with non-euro curreny, i usually have a few coins and maybe a bank note left. when i return, i sometimes even remember the place i’ve put the stuff and take the money with me. the first bus ride could be paid with it.

however, you should make sure in advance that the bank notes are still valid and accepted! for the above shown blue note the case is obvious.

but one might expect that a five-year old czech 50-crowns-note (2€) will always be welcome, especially as a tip in a restaurant. but the waiter suddenly made clear signs of rejection and did not touch the note. completely puzzled and wondering what the czech tip policy might be, our local friends later explained me the situation: as also more resistant 50-crowns-coins do exist, the czech national bank abolished the notes in 2011.

by the way, my pasta was delicious. is left a few coins on the table.


what to do when the siberian cold enters europe? facing the ice by moving towards the east!

thank you l&o for your hospitality and a wonderful weekend in prague…



ecological travelling is becoming popular. why using the plane when numerous picturesque places can be reached by train? take the only czech-german train station for example: here we met our dear friends l. and o. very symbolically for an expedition into the region where once an iron curtain blocked the view into another part of the world. however, the fact that we didn’t put a foot into the nearby national parks was not caused by our bad ecological conscience to disturb the wild nature. no, thunder, lightning and rain had decided to dominate the sky and forced us back into the pubs where we had to drink czech beer (i know, very hard fate!) and enjoyed very tasteful and „sustainable“ specialities. it is yet unproved if these delicacies made us see strange creatures or if they really live in the cursed forests.

it was a nice time, i hope we’ll see us again soon (and i promise to be more eager in publishing english posts). but as i realised you should also be able to understand the basics in german (at least it was enough to order a beer , what more do you need?).